The safety and security of your horses are paramount, that is why we have a selection of high-quality equine or stock fencing. Transform your outdoor space and give your horses a safe haven to roam with our range of equine fencing.

Here at Polar Landscaping, we specialise in all types of horse fencing. Our range includes:

  • Post and rail fencing
  • Keepsafe fencing
  • Tornado fencing

Post and rail fencing refers to any fencing system that is made from timber posts and rails. This fence gives you the rustic feel that you might be looking for and is extremely durable. Keepsafe fencing, on the other hand, has a mesh wire design and is suitable for all horses, from foals to full-grown stallions. This particular fencing has been described as the fencing for professionals.

Finally, the tornado fencing is suitable for a range of different livestock. Its durable and sturdy design has proven itself time and time again. Keep your animals safe with tornado fencing.

Our equine fencing contractors in Devon are ready to install your horse rail fencing in a professional and friendly manner. Take some time to decide which fencing suits your needs the best.

If you are interested in our equine or stock fencing, you can get in contact with us. Together we can create a safe and secure environment for your horses.