Whether you need new boundary fencing or want to introduce central fencing to create separate areas in your garden, we can help. We can also assist on fencing types that can support and encourage plant growth with different trellis details for your plants.

Fencing has the potential to entirely transform your outdoor space. This is why Polar Landscaping works with the most experienced and skilled landscapers to ensure you receive a professional service that you can trust. Whether you’re looking to create a new boundary or introduce central fencing in your garden, we’re here to help. Using years of experience, we can provide advice on the best fencing solution to fit your needs. This comes from both a structural and strength point of view alongside a creative design point too. Our goal is to leave you with a garden you adore while sticking to any budget.

We have a wide scope of experience in designing and installing standard overlap fencing, close board fencing and feather-edge fencing. We understand that security fencing in Devon is becoming an ever-popular choice and can work with you to introduce a stronger surrounding to your outdoor space. For added water safety, fencing has also been used to provide a barrier around outdoor pools or simply to heighten privacy from surrounding areas. And, for those moments where you want to enhance the usability of a large space, boundary outlining can offer the ideal solution.

As experienced Fencing Contractors in Exeter, the team here at Polar Landscaping are on hand to design something perfect for you. All of our fencing products are highly durable and manufactured from high-quality products. We can guarantee that once professionally installed, they’ll be able to withstand the demands of the UK’s ever-changing and challenging weather conditions. And with every single project, we always work passionately to stick to your budget while ensuring you’re left with fencing that will last for many years to come.

If you’re interested in discussing our Devon Fencing services, get in contact with our experienced team together.

Composite products are items made up of either a dual layers or dual composition. Composite decking is a combination of wood and plastic and is used for decking to help prolong the lifespan of decking.

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Timber Composite Decking

Here at Polar Landscaping we are very proud of the decking services we have to offer. So look no further. With new advances in wood, plastics and millboard, today we are able to offer not just simply wood… Gone are the days of that slimy slippery decking.

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Newly Installed Timber Decking

We also pride ourselves in our diverse stock of agricultural fencing.

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Wooden Farm Fencing

Our equine fencing services are especially popular, and we specialise in all types of horse fencing.

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Equine Wooden Fencing